HCM Wedding Policy

Our wedding policy is being revised. If you are interested in Pastor Paul officiating your wedding, please contact him directly.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and marriage! We believe the covenant of marriage is a gift of God meant to pictur the future wedding between Christ and His bride, the church. It is a God-ordained instituion between a man and woman, to be held in the highest regard.

Pastor Paul would be happy to consider officiating weddings for HCM covenant members. Officiating weddings for non-HCM members will be based on an existing relationship with the couple. If you would like Pastor Paul to officiate your wedding, please complete the following terms:

  1. Complete the Marriage Questionnaire
    Complete this short marriage questionnaire at least nine months prior to your projected wedding date. The nine month window is to provide adequate time and preparation for pre-marital counseling and coordination meetings.

  2. Request Scheduling of the Projected Wedding Date
    Check in with Pastor Paul regarding his availability and willingness to be your recipient. Please reserve the venues after a date has been confirmed with Pastor Paul, in order to ensure his availability.

  3. Complete Premarital Counseling Sessions
    Attend and engage in 5-6 weekly premarital counseling sessions, beginning about three months before your finalized wedding date. Topics covered include: Biblical basis of marriage, conflict resolution, intimacy, etc.

  4. Attend Wedding Ceremony Coordination Meetings
    Meet with Sojin Chi to review wedding ceremony logistics. Please note that these meetings do not include coordination of the wedding reception. Three check-in meetings are required:
    • Meeting #1 - immediately after a weeding date is finalized.
    • Meeting #2 - six months before the wedding date.
    • Meeting #3 - one month before the wedding date, including a visit to the venue.

Timeline for Wedding Ceremony Preparations

9+ months prior to projected wedding date:

  • Complete the marriage questionnaire.
  • Finalize wedding date with Pastor Paul.
  • Reserve ceremony and reception venues and vendors.
  • Schedule coordination meeting #1 with Sojin.

6 months prior to finalized wedding date:

  • Schedule coordination meeting #2 with Sojin.
  • Schedule premarital counseling sessions with Pastor Paul.

1 month prior to finalized wedding date:

  • Schedule coordination meeting #3 with Sojin, which includes a visit to the wedding ceremony venue.
  • Obtain proper documents needed for the marriage license to be signed by Pastor Paul after the wedding ceremony.
  • Complete the wedding ceremony music selection form. It is your responsibility to provide the music to the sound technician.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the elements of the wedding ceremony be adjusted or changed?
    As in any worship service, the elements of the wedding ceremony have specific meanings and purposes - which Pastor Paul would be glad to go over with you. The elements are listed in the ceremony music selection form (see below). If you are still interested in modifications, please bring up for discussion no later than at the second coordination meeting.

  2. How much time should be set aside for the wedding rehearsal and the wedding ceremony?
    Both the rehearsal and the ceremony typically require about 45 minutes each. Wedding rehearsals typically are scheduled the evening before the wedding. Please make an effort to minimize the impact on the regular church schedule.

  3. Can non-church venues be used for the ceremony?
    Church venues are preferred due to the worshipful nature of the wedding ceremony. Please discuss non-church venue options with Pastor Paul in advance. If a venue is located outside the Madison area, coverage for travel expenses for Pastor Paul and Sojin would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Is there a fee required by Pastor Paul as the officiant?
    While many officiants require a set fee, an honorarium would be appreciated instead.